Tải kmplayer cho win 8

For the convenience và maximum functionality, the user always chooses the best, regardless whether it is a browser, a text editor or a media-player. Definitely one of the best media-players on the software market currently is KMPlayer, which provides tons of useful features, pretty a lot of comfort and usefulness. In this article I’m going khổng lồ tell in detail about peculiarities of using không lấy phí KMPlayer for Windows 8.1.

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KMPlayer is the creation of South Korean company Pandora TV, which started the development and improvement of the product since its acquirement in August 2007. From those time the authors have made quite a lot regarding the advancement of their offspring, & have achieved good status và received a positive feedback on many community boards and forums like CNET and Softonic. In addition, the popularity among the ordinary users has grown severely thanks to the tư vấn of many contemporary formats, the ability to lớn change the skins for the player and wide diversity of settings. But let’s talk about these options one after another.

At first, the functionality. The KMPlayer supports a good dozen of formats và extensions: MKV, MPEG, AVI, QuickTime, FLV, 3GP, WMV, RealMedia và others. Even if you attempt khổng lồ playback the rarest and unique tệp tin on the PC, KMPlayer will surely digest it, presenting you the highest chất lượng picture without graphical artefacts và visual discrepancies.

Then goes the design. In Windows 8.1 the player looks especially nice, showing you all the advantages of Metro theme: transparent forms layout, rounded edges, rich and saturated color palette. If you don’t lượt thích the default theme of the KMPlayer, you can always download one of several hundred additional skins for free, available on the official phầm mềm server. From the picturesque drafts to marvelous stylish sketches, - any person will find something, which totally satisfies him in terms of quality, approach & beauty.

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KMPlayer also supports any types of subtitles: embedded & external. Using a special filter for managing the audio tracks và subtitles (LAV or DirectShow), you will be capable to lớn select the subtitles from the danh mục of all available positions, - very handy feature, indeed.

One more in-time trick is embedded codecs. In order khổng lồ receive the picture with superb chất lượng without installing miscellaneous codec packages, designed to lớn assist you in playback handling, the developers have taken care of it via adding the internal libraries to the project, thus saving user from additional involvement into the operational process.

The person may capture đoạn phim or audio sequences right from the media-player primary size as well as the screenshots, which gives him another advantage over the competitor products. Also he possesses full environment of renderers, video/audio transform filters, decoders & spitters. Embedded filters have no appropriate entries in the registry, which prevents the OS from making obstacles to the work of system mặc định filters, so there is no interrogation.

If you desire to tải về KMPlayer for Windows 8.1, you may always address to lớn the official web-resource và get the distributive right there literally any moment.