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cute Screen Recorder không lấy phí Version

Cute Screen Recorder không tính phí Version is a easy-to-use screen recorder software. It is able to lớn record the action and sound from all screen activity on your computer & saves it to mp4,flv,swf , wmv, mkv(h.264) ,lossless AVI & webm đoạn phim files.Record any area on your desktop, an object area, a window or full screen. It is completely không lấy phí without any limitations, & using time limit.

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Key Functions: 1.Cute Screen Recorder free Version can record the action and sound from all screen activity on your computer và saves it khổng lồ mp4,flv,swf ,wmv , mkv(h.264) ,lossless Avi & webm video files. 2.Support for recording AVI lossless compression of video clip files, you can feel không tính tiền to edit và compress into your favorite đoạn clip format.3.Easy to lớn use !Fast conversion, Just one click of the button! Clear-cut interface features large icons for performing all major actions.

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4.Add a text watermark. 5.Add time stamp watermarks. 6.Add image watermark. 7.Recording online flash videos using dễ thương Screen Recorder không tính phí version. 8. Synchronous recording audio và video, you can perfect recording of your favorite YouTube videos và TV programs. 9. Easy & automated clip file name creation. How khổng lồ publish FLV clip on your homepage or blog?

Demo: The following played FLV video clip is recorded by dễ thương Screen Recorder on Win 7 FLV Video: 768kbps, framerate:26 . Audio:samplerate:44100hz,channel:stereo


Why choose dễ thương Screen Recorder free version. * Easy-to-use - Simply click a button. * All encoders and decoders are built-in.Neend"t install any other codec. * Fast conversion - saves you time * Excellent digital quality. * support batch conversion - convert all your files at once

không lấy phí Download
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Related product: không lấy phí Cute FLV Streaming clip :You Can Quickly và Easily Publish Full-Motion FLV Streaming Videos From Your Website không lấy phí Download Cute FLV clip Converter : convert avi , mpg khổng lồ flv & SWF đoạn phim format .
Cute video clip Converter : convert avi,mpg,mpeg khổng lồ the 3gp,flv,mp4,psp,ipod,avi video.
Cute DVD Ripper :convert dvd lớn mp4,H.264,avi,mpg,divx,xvid and mpeg-2 video.
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Tips: clip converter How khổng lồ convert mp4 khổng lồ SWF? avi lớn swf converter mp4 lớn avi converter dvd ripper
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