Madness: project nexus 2 windows, mac, linux game

Madness: Project Nexus 2 is a sidescrolling Run n" Gun game filled with arcade-style action reminiscent of games like Smash TV, with the button-mashing brutality of Final Fight or Castle Crashers.

Madness: Project Nexus 2 will challenge your use of immersive sầu & tactical combat, on-your-feet decision making, environmental use & navigation, a massive selection of weapons, & a pretty heavy dose of comic blood và violence. You"ll progress through the game by navigating between rooms & overworld stages, engaging baddies along the way (who will become wiser and more tactical as you advance).

Can you survive sầu the hordes of gun-toting Agents, sword-brandishing assassins, và bullet-deflecting giants that Project Nexus throws in your path? Or will you brave sầu the limitless expanses of the zombie wastes và survive sầu hunger, deprivation, and the apocolypse itself? Grab your trusty weapon & come find out!

Project Nexus 2 features:

Story Mode: Take the reigns of the heroes of the Madness universe, và infiltrate heavily guarded installations, survive cultist-ridden tunnel networks, fight baông chồng against dynamite-wielding cannibal bandits, và dodge the grasp of armor-plated Mag Agents over twice your size. Aremãng cầu Mode: Create your character from scratch, advance through specialized skill tiers, and build a quality Madness warrior who is equipped to lớn take on wave after wave of never-ending badguys in a closed combat environment. Build your own custom weapons & outfit them with the lademo công nghệ khổng lồ give sầu yourself the edge you"re going lớn need to lớn survive. Zed Survival Mode: Our randomized, roguelượt thích survival game! Form a lone band of zombie apocalypse survivors with specialized tiệc nhỏ roles và skillsets to lớn match. Each will have his or her own quality personality traits to determine what will drive sầu them toward insanity or keep them sane for one more night in the zombie-infested wastelands of the Madness world. Scavenge for supplies and arm your team lớn the teeth, because there"re more dangerous things out there than bandits & zombies...

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On September 4th, Team Madness"s game Madness: Project Nexus 2 was Greenlit after only 9 days for release on Steam.


This means at the kết thúc of their Kickstarter chiến dịch, all progress, screenshots, and test videos will be available to fans & followers on Steam. However, alpha, beta, và early access is still only available to lớn Kickstarter backers and preorders.

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Anyone interested in joining the cause và supporting THE ultimate dark, cartoon-themed, Zombie-blasting Run-n-Gun can bachồng the project at its Kickstarter page - Cliông xã Here!



Madness: Project Nexus 2 Launches Its Kickstarter Campaign!Sep 3 2014News 2 comments

Team Madness has launched its Kickstarter alongside its new Steam Greenlight campaign!

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Madness Project Nexus - Modv5Jan 8 2020Full Version 7 comments

This is madness project nexus 1 & its a modded version khổng lồ add more characters, items, weapons khổng lồ the story levels and arena combat khổng lồ make the game...

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