Cheat Engine 6


Want to patch an Android game? You can now tải về Cheat Engine for miễn phí & get hold of all those elements that apps usually require you lớn pay for


You just love sầu playing that game. You downloaded it for free and you play it every single day of the week. You haven"t spent a cent but the rest of the players are beating you very easily just because they"re premium users. Now you can also become a pro user with the difference that it won"t cost you any money at all. How? Thanks khổng lồ Cheat Engine, the tool lớn patch Android apps.

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Mod almost any game lớn get hold of unlimited gold, coins, gems, etc.

How does this Cheat Engine work

Once you get hold of the APK tệp tin, you"ll have sầu to install it on your device after checking the box that allows you lớn install applications from unknown sources on your device from the security settings. To be able to lớn start using it, you only have khổng lồ follow these simple steps:

Step 1: mở cửa Cheat Engine.Step 2: Run any game.Step 3: find the process of that game on CheatEngine"s menu.Step 4: open the process & tìm kiếm for the value you wish khổng lồ change.

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Step 5: purchase anything lớn make that value decrease.Step 6: you"ll then see how that value changes within the app.Step 7: add the value"s address lớn danh sách number 4 in the danh mục tab, tap on active sầu and then change the value.Step 8: the value in question will change within the game.

Open CheatEngine and start modifying your favorite game!

How it works is based on scanning the Internet in tìm kiếm for MOD versions applicable to lớn the game you"re analyzing, as is the case of Plants vs Zombies, for instance. This tool works exactly the same with any other game in which you can get hold of items, coins, and unlimited resources, although it might be slightly more difficult to use than other similar apps. To find out what games you can modify và which can"t be modded, or any other additional information such as how much it weighs (hardly anything), the best thing you can vì chưng is check specialized forums or, the best tải về site on the Internet, since the official website doesn"t offer too much data about any of these aspects.

What"s new in the latest version

Fixes a scroll bug.The function to lớn browse through the address menu is up and working once again.